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The Computer Science Games at Polytechnique Montreal (March 22-24)


[This opportunity is not affiliated with the Department, Faculty of Arts & Science, or University of Toronto. Registration fees may apply. We share this opportunity at the request of the organizers in case it is of interest to our student body. Participation is as the sole discretion of the individual.]

The Computer Science Games are a collegiate competition that includes challenges from all aspects of computing. The Games are a weekend long thrill ride with logic puzzles, difficult algorithms, intense video game competitions, social activities, and of course, programming. Organized by students from different university every year, the CS Games is open to all undergraduate students. Teams are composed from 7 to 10 skilled people, each participating in multiple simultaneous challenges. The 14th edition of the CS Games will take place at Polytechnique Montreal from March 22 to 24 2019, in Montreal.

Each year, the hosting team settle on a team for their edition. We have started to announce some of our competitions as well. You can check out our yearly website http://2019.csgames.org/ if you are interested.

We would be glad to have you with us!