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Remote Connection to CDF


Hi, I am having some trouble remotely connecting my Macbook to my CDF account. I followed the instructions exactly as they wrote it on the CDF webpage and set up Open NX. Every time I try to log in, it shows that its authenticating my account information and setting up the environment, but it comes back to the log in screen.


Turns out on latest versions of MacOS X our recommended NX client no longer works. We have been able to reproduce this and found that the latest free NX client from Nomachine works on the two latest versions of MacOS X. We are updating our NX instructions for MacOS X users. I’ll post an update when it’s ready.



In case you haven’t yet noticed: There are now instructions for setting up a different NX client on Mac OS – one which seems so far to work reliably. See the end of http://www.teach.cs.toronto.edu/using_cdf/remote_access_server.html