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Funded Opportunity for Archaeology in Israel - Application Deadline: Sunday March 10, 2019


This event is not affiliated with the Department of Computer. We share this event at the request of the organizers in case it is of interest to our student body. Participation is as the sole discretion of the individual.

Funded Opportunity for Archaeology in Israel

What: Two-week program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem followed by four weeks of excavation at the Late Roman (fifth century CE) site of Huqoq.
When: May 12-June 27, 2019
How to Apply: Contact Michael Chazan (mchazan@chass.utoronto.ca)

Application Deadline: Sunday March 10, 2019

Cost: Students selected will have funding available to all costs, including travel.

Credit: Students can arrange for one full course credit.

Huqoq is an archaeological site three miles west of Capernaum and Migdal (Magdala) in the Galilee. Since 2011, excavations led by Dr. Jodi Magness of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have been bringing to light a monumental, Late Roman synagogue paved with stunning mosaics depicting a variety of biblical scenes and the first non-biblical story ever discovered decorating an ancient synagogue. At the same time, the excavation project continues to carefully document and make light of two important later occupations at the site, including a Medieval public building (12-13th centuries CE), and the remains of a modern Palestinian village called Yakuk (19th-20th centuries CE).

The University of Toronto is a member of the consortium excavating at Huqoq.

To learn more about Huqoq visit: http://huqoq.web.unc.edu/