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Teaching Lab Mail in Thunderbird


As some of you might have noticed when you open Thunderbird in the labs that your Teaching Lab email is still under your old CDF email. (g1aaa@cdf.toronto.edu instead of utorid@teach.cs.utoronto.ca). This is most likely to happen when you had a CDF account previously.

If you would like to retrieve and send messages with your Teaching Lab email account, you can:

  1. Go to Thunderbird -> ‘FIle’ -> ‘New’ -> ‘Existing Email Account’.
  2. Then you will get a ‘Mail Account Setup’ window and fill in with your new Teaching Lab email address (utorid@teach.cs.utoronto.ca) and Teaching Lab password.
  3. Finally follow this mail configuration attached below.

If you have any issue, please let us know
Thank you,
Computing Help


As the computer science computer lab has changed its name from CDF to Teaching Labs, you can also use the following configuration on Thunderbird to view your email.

On the side note however, setting up the Teaching Labs email outside the computer science network still does not work.
We are still currently fixing it and will let you guys know once it is available.

Thank you,
Computing Help