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Software Developer Opportunity at Rapid Part Assessment


[This opportunity is not affiliated with the Department, Faculty of Arts & Science, or University of Toronto. Registration fees may apply. We share this opportunity at the request of the organizers in case it is of interest to our student body. Participation is as the sole discretion of the individual.]

Posting Date: 2019-01-07
Request Number: RPA-01
Title: Software Developer, Rapid Part Assessment
Location: Longueuil, QC or Mississauga, ON
Type: Full time, contractor
Division: Engineering, Research & Technology
Hiring Manager: Daniel Fudge

General responsibilities of the position:
The Rapid Part Assessment (RPA) program sits at the intersection of Robust Design Optimization, Product Definition, Manufacturing, Metrology, Software Development, Data Science, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. In the last decade P&WC engineering has revolutionized the design process with extensive analytical automation, multi-disciplinary optimization and machine learning. At the same time the P&WC metrology has automated the inspection process with advanced inspection techniques. RPA brings these two worlds together to rapidly ingest inspection data and determine if the part meets both the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and the functional requirements of the component (Physics-based modeling and analysis). Machine learning algorithms are deployed to accelerate the functional assessment and monitor the manufacturing process. The automated processing and retention of this data is then fed back into the design process to model the manufacturing variability and enabler robust design optimization. To support this analysis, we manage an on premise High Performance Computing Facility (HPC) and public cloud computing.

As a RPA software developer you will be part of the team architecting the required IT infrastructure and interfaces to the supplier (source of inspection) and other P&WC product life cycle (PLM) systems. However your primary responsibility will be developing the software responsible for ingesting the inspection data and evaluating it against the product definition. This software must be fully automated, execute in a Linux environment, leverage the HPC’s parallel computing capabilities and possibly GPU accelerated. Along with developing a new, you will be responsible for evaluating existing commercial solutions.

The Research & Technology department supports engineering and other groups with challenges that cannot be solved with existing processes and require new technologies such as the RPA program. As the RPA software matures, your role may expand to solve our next challenge.

Specific responsibilities of position:
• Lead the development of the RPA evaluation software in an Agile environment
• Define the IT requirements of the RPA evaluation software
• Evaluate related commercial software
• Define the interface between the RPA process and both internal and external systems
• Test, deploy, maintain and support the operation (DevOps) of the RPA evaluation software

Desired Qualifications:
• Fluency in English reading/writing. French proficiency is an asset.
• Highly motivated and results driven with an independent work ethic
• Flexible with strong interpersonal skills to work with people from widely varying backgrounds
• Previous experience in software development, engineering design, manufacturing and/or metrology
• Strong object-oriented Python and C++ programming skills
• Experience working in Linux and a HPC environment
• Enthusiasm for Agile software development, DevOps and CI/CD
• A disciplined approach to software development with experience with a modern VSC such as GitHub and an IDE such as PyCharm
• Knowledge of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and CAD
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering, Master’s degree is an asset.