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Printing double sided with multiple slides on a page



I would like to be able to use my printing quota by printing my lectures (as I used to be able to do last year). However, currently, CDF does not have any program that allows printing of multiple slides on 1 page and print double sided since it Linux does not support Acroreader anymore.

In command line, I have tried to use “pdf2ps filename.xxx”, followed by “print filename.ps” to print double sided but pdf2ps doesn’t always work as it fails to convert when there are special characters in the document.

Is there a solution to this issue?


Linux does not support Acroreader anymore.

Actually, it’s the other way around. :slight_smile: Adobe decided to not support Linux anymore in current versions of Acrobat reader.

FYI the print command can take a PDF file, so you don’t need to run a pdf2ps manually. However, the print command will run pdf2ps internally, so if pdf2ps fails for a certain file, then the print command will fail, too.

I can see that two-sided printing is grayed out in Okular and Evince. We are going to investigate how to enable duplex printing from these two programs.


Thank you! Please update here if you manage to enable it.