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I’ve noticed that the lab computers were switched to LXDE recently (from KDE)

I found that programs would freeze a lot more often (even though LXDE is more lightweight) and the lack of window tilling makes LXDE very unpleasant to use.

I was wondering if we could get an option to switch to a different DE on lab computers or maybe someone could look into installing stuff for LXDE to make it nicer to use?


+1, I agree, sometimes loading webpages freezes for 30-40 seconds every 10 minutes.


You can change your .xwm to start the desired desktop environment: Instead of /local/bin/defaultwm, say /usr/bin/icewm or /local/bin/openbox or /local/bin/startkde. But note that we switched away from kde because it had become so unreliable – ask other students about the “blue screen problem”.