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DOWNTIME: Tue Oct 23 - Teaching Computing servers (wolf nxsrv pcrs)


PCRS downtime has been rescheduled to
Tuesday October 23 2pm.

A couple of the Teaching Labs remote login servers and the PCRS server will have a brief downtime
Tuesday October 23 9am-10am.

Servers affected with the downtime are:

  • compute/login server (wolf.teach.cs)
  • NX server (nxsrv.teach.cs)
  • PCRS server (pcrs.teach.cs)

The downtime will not affect Teaching Lab workstations and the database server (dbsrv1.teach.cs).

We are hoping the servers will only be down for a few minutes but are scheduling 1 hour for
worst case.

If you have any concerns, please email sysadmin@teach.cs.utoronto

Apologies for the inconvenience.