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Computer Science Graduate Programs at Lakehead University


[This opportunity is not affiliated with the Department, Faculty of Arts & Science, or University of Toronto. Registration fees may apply. We share this opportunity at the request of the organizers in case it is of interest to our student body. Participation is as the sole discretion of the individual.]

Department of Computer Science, Lakehead University

We are actively admitting domestic students to our fast growing graduate programs. All domestic students who have displayed exceptional academic performance (having A- or equivalent grade in the last two years) will have funding opportunities.

The faculty members of Computer Science actively undertake leading-edge research over a broad spectrum of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Communications and Networking, Health Informatics, Game Programming, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

More information can be found at:

Lakehead University: https://www.lakeheadu.ca/

Department of Computer Science:

Computer Science Graduate Programs:

Sample Research Lab: http://www.datalab.science

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