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Balloting for “E” Enrollment CSC Courses - 2019/2020


There are 3 balloted courses for the 2019-20 year: CSC404, CSC454, and CSC491. Ballot questions for CSC404 is ready to go and links are included below. Ballot questions for CSC454 and CSC491, which are being run as a suite both fall and winter terms, have now been posted.

NOTE: If you are planning on balloting - we urge you to enrol in “back-up” courses that satisfy your requirements when your course enrolment begins. If your ballot is successful, you will be contacted and you can then drop the “back-up.”

Here’s how to ballot

  1. Follow the instructions to prepare your application.

CSC404H1F Instructions CSC404H1F Video Game Design (Fall 2019) balloting information

CSC404H1S Instructions CSC404H1S Video Game Design (Winter 2020) balloting information

CSC454H+CSC491 Instructions https://www.dcsil.ca/student-courses

To apply for CSC494/495Y1Y: Faculty of Applied Science Engineering + CSC opportunity, please follow the instructions here CSC494/495Y1Y: FASE+CSC Capstone projects for 2019-2020

  1. Once you have prepared your application, follow the submission steps described in the instructions.
  2. By the course application deadline, the instructors will make decisions about the ballots.

There are three possible outcomes of your ballot application:

i) Your application is accepted. You will be informed by email, and the undergraduate office will enrol you in the course.

ii) You are placed on a waiting list. You will be informed by email about your place on the waiting list. If a spot opens up, then the undergraduate office will enrol you in the course.

iii) Your application is rejected. You will be informed by email.

If you require computer science course selection advice, please visit the Undergraduate Office located in rooms 4290 in the Bahen Centre.